The Process

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The Process


Recording of audio stereo files:


Recording quality is very important and plays a large role in ensuring that verbatim recordings are transcribed accurately


Recording equipment:


It is recommended to record in MP3 and we accommodate any other formats including WAV, WMA, M4a and others


How to conduct a hearing:


Choose a venue with little or no noise disturbance the slightest movement (including air conditioners are picked up on the recordings and will affect the clarity of recordings).

Speakers should raise their voices when there are background disturbances and allow each other time to speak individually.  Speakers should repeat the conversation when there is a loud disturbance or mechanical breakdown in the recording.


Introducing and identifying speakers:


To ensure that the record accurately reflects who is speaking, speakers should be allowed to introduce themselves and identify their capacity at the beginning of the recording.


Loud and clear recordings:


Speakers should sit as close as possible to the microphone and when there are more than 4 speakers it is recommended to use additional microphones.  Encourage speakers to look up when talking and to pause when paging through documents


Playback and saving of audio files:


Save recordings in the highest possible resolution.  The higher the setting the better sound quality.


Upload of audio files:


Once your recording is finished you can upload and email the audio files.  We recommend using Jumbomail, Sendspace or Dropbox.


Downloading of audio files:


We download large audio files via Jumbomail, Sendspace or Dropbox and the sites to be visited for downloading are:






We transcribe:


- Digital audio files

- micro / mini and standard cassettes

- hand-written notes

- verbatim records – which are accepted for oral evidence and used in Namibian and South African courts.

We extract and draft minutes for board meetings

We translate from English – Afrikaans - German

We offer virtual assistant duties


Our external digital stereo audio recordings:


- We provide digital stereo audio recordings played back and recorded on the highest resolution to be loud and crystal clear.

- Exclusive rights of recorded material are exercised.


Format of transcriptions:


- We transcribe proceedings in MS Word and convert them to PDF

- We provide soft copies in PDF format via email.

- We deliver hard copies and bind our court records and disciplinary / grievance hearings


Rates and payment:


- Rates are provided per page on request by email, sms, whatsapp and/or verbally and can be negotiated.

- A premium per page may be charged if work is accepted by us on an urgent basis and such rate can be negotiated on acceptance of the work.

- Payment of transcripts are required upon presentation of invoice for smaller assignments (1 to 5 hrs).

- 50% Deposit of quoted prices are required for larger assignments (5 hrs or longer).

- Clients are required to sign and return quotations prior to the commencement of the transcription.

- Payments are preferred by electronic fund transfer and can also be made in cash, bank guaranteed cheque or direct cash deposit.

- Banking details are provided when quotes are accepted and returned signed.

- We have goodstanding with Inland Revenue, Social Security Commission, Employment Equity Commission.

We know that sound is important and our process of audio recording reflects this, ensuring your end product is a high-quality audio clip that is perfect for your needs. You’ll have access to a team of experienced professionals to ensure you get the audio that your project needs every time thanks to our process:

CELL:  +264 81 244 1486 /+ 264 81 127 7938


TEL:  +264 61 253 890 / 25 9024


 FAX2MAIL:  + 264 (0) 88 6522622





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